multimedia performance with real-time camera tracking and streaming, chatGPT, VR, stereo sound, 60min stage dimension variable

commissioned by Arts Council Korea, supported by Theatre QUAD
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Collaborative work by Min young Kim, Dongjoo Seo, Joungyun Yum
<Alain> explores multi-layered relationships between technological culture and human beings with the subject matter of 'cars,' which are chunks of machinery and technological interfaces that have integrated the cutting-edge technologies of the day from invention to the present, significantly impacting both human and non-human life. Unfolding the seqduence of performance, consisting of dancers' movements, visuals using computer vision AI algorithm, VR, and sound, from a perspective of a virtual narrator 'Alain,' the work reflects humanity and artificiality mixed under the highly advanced machine intelligence as an affective relationship of emotion and the senses beyond matter.

Excerpt of the stage performance at Theatre QUAD 2023

Art Director: Min young Kim, Dongjoo Seo
Choreography: Joungyun Yum
Movement Research/Dancers: Suin Kim, Jisoo Ryu, Kyungjae Moon, Sejin Park, Joungyun Yum, Youngsang Ju
VR: Min young Kim
Computer Vision, AI Engineering: Seonguk Seo, Min young Kim
Sound and Videographer: Dongjoo Seo, Ken Pyun
Stage Design: Youngmin Gwak
Lighting: Eunbin Kim
Assistant:  Dohyeok Lee