Giant Whisper  
single-channel 2K realtime simulated video, custom vessel tracking system, PC

funded by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
supported by Eulji C-center, Junggu Cultural Foundation

Eulji Art Center

Artist: Min young Kim, Jason Choi
AR/Data visualisation: Min young Kim
Sound engineering:  Jason Choi
Data engineering: Dohyeok Lee

Marine animal sound recording source - Discovery of Sound in the Sea (October 19, 2020), Vessel  data source  - Marine Traffic

Human intervention in the sea has evolved through the development of ships and underwater detection technology. The advancement of ships is closely linked with the growth of trade and capitalism, while underwater detection technology is tied to the history of cybernetics and 20th-century warfare. These developments have introduced new mediums shaped by human activity. As a result, the contemporary sea is a complex space where multiple mediums intersect, giving it unique mediated and cultural characteristics.

"Giant Whisper" reexamines the sea, a space augmented by data, through the sounds and noises experienced within it. This piece explores the intricate relationship between environmental issues and human activity, proposing a new connection with the environment and ecology in a space where various media and life activities overlap.

Processing data of vessel traffic by its type and geocoordinates.

Installation view, at Eulji Art Centre