Hide and Seek: Looking and Loving
AR multiplayer game with the four-legged walking robot, SPOT

commissioned by ZER01NE
ZER01NE day2021

AR/Game Design: Min young Kim
Robot Engineering: Yejin Kim, Sunho Jang, Junyoung Kim
Telecommunication: Dohyeok Lee

〈Hide-and-Seek: Looking and Loving〉 is a multi-play complex reality game, playable by both SPOT robot and audiences. Starting from research into robots’ improving sensors and questions about their blind spots, this project experiments with communicative methods of building a direct relationship between robots and humans through “Hide-and-Seek.” Robots’ interface, which used to be 1:1, is expanded into an XR environment enabling communication between various media, then audiences can play Hide-and-Seek in a virtual theme park. Such experience embodies the operation method of robots, yet difficult to explain and intuit and imply that new communicative methods are possible in digitally expanded reality.

SLAM(Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) data from SPOT

Recordings from the showcase at ZER01NE day 2021