Holy Motors: The Vehicled Bodies
multimedia performance with real-time camera tracking, LiDAR sensor simulation, single-channel HD video, stereo sound 30mins, stage dimension variable

commissioned by ZER01NE

Collaborative work by Min young Kim, Dongjoo Seo
<Holy Motors: The Vehicled Bodies> is a collaborative multimedia performance about manifold relationships between humans and vehicles. Borrowing its title from a 2012 film by French director Leos Carax,  <Holy Motors> takes a new perspective on automobiles, which have played a vital role in developing modern life, culture, and social systems. In the piece, dancers’ movements reinterpret the physical, emotional, and sensory relationships between humans and vehicles as an interaction of two personas rather than merely users and means of transportation. Combining multimedia audiovisual stage devices applying today’s mobility technologies, such as computer vision and LiDAR sensor simulation, the work reimagines the ever-changing narratives and landscape between humans, vehicles, and mobile society.

Excerpt of the showcase performance at ZER01NE day 2022, Seongsu S-factory

Creative Director, Producer: Min young Kim, Dongjoo Seo
Choreography: Joungyun Yum
Dancer: Suin Kim, Seungyoon Kim, Jisoo Ryu, Sejin Park, Joungyun Yum, Dongin Yoo, Youngsang Ju
Sound: Ken Pyun
Computer Vision Engineering: Seonguk Seo
LiDAR Sensor Simulation: Yejin Kim