Pink Flood
2023 - ongoing
Image archives generated by generative AI photo synthesis techniques

supported by ZER01NE

ZER01NE day2023 Exhibition
Art Center Nabi Exhibition
Forkingroom2024 Exhibition
The "Pink Flood" series, which began in 2023, was inspired by the explosive growth of 
generative technology and the synthetic media and images that have emerged with it. The term "synthetic media" here refers not just to misinformation that might be dismissed as fake news, but to automated and algorithm-driven media that integrates machine intelligence. Today, many media outlets are already utilizing artificial intelligence extensively, and it has become clear that this use of machine intelligence will soon replace many human roles.

Besides its official uses, AI technology has significantly altered the way we perceive image reality. For instance, a photograph of a child caught in a war was circulated, only for claims to surface that it was an AI-generated fake. Despite the controversy, the authenticity of the photograph remained uncertain, shaking the photorealistic belief that 'photographs can capture or prove reality.'

"Pink Flood" stages the disaster scenario of a flood as an exhibition event, depicted from various angles. This project, comprising an archive of about 50 photographs, metaphorically represents how images of natural disasters, now commonplace in the climate crisis, have become spectacles within the media environment.

The "Pink Flood" project focuses less on the individual images produced by generative technology and more on how these images function as visual media to make a certain situation imaginable or create a false sense of being at an event. It attempts to blend the images we remember from visual shock with those we have actually experienced into a singular virtual experience.